“National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan” Regulations

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“National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan”




  1. General Provisions


These Regulations determine terms and procedure of the competition, aimed at specifying National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - Competition).

The Competition founders are Ministry of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter - Founders).

The Organizer is JSC Kazcontent (hereinafter - Organizer).


  1. Aims and Objectives of the Competition


         1.1. The aim of the Competition is to create and determine the best proposal on formation of the National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the open competition.

The entrants should consider in their works that the brand aims to position the Republic of Kazakhstan as follows:

Kazakhstan is a country with rich history and culture, its statehood dates back to the XV century. Representatives of many ethnic groups and religious denominations live here and preserve their identity. The country is located at the crossroads of East and West, which explains the unique cultural character of people in Kazakhstan.

The country has a high level of social stability and harmony. People of independent Kazakhstan knew neither war nor conflicts. They feel safe regardless of ethnic or religious affiliation.

Kazakhstan people are one of the highly educated nations in the modern world. Young people of the country are ambitious and patriotic. The core values of the people are hospitality, tolerance, respect for elders, strong family ties, friendliness and openness.    

The country possesses a unique natural diversity and a large tourism potential. Huge woodlands, vast mountain systems, steppes, waterways and lakes are located on 9th largest territory in the world. Kazakhstan has a broad food production capacity. Its agricultural products are of high quality, environmentally friendly and in demand abroad.

Economy develops dynamically in Kazakhstan and enabling environment is created for business and foreign investors. Transport arteries connect the largest world markets due to country’s favourable location in the center of Eurasia.



Kazakhstan develops innovative economy by creation and attraction of advanced achievements of scientific and technological progress, constant improvement of the national education system and support of scientists and inventors’ initiatives.

The country is a respected member of the international community, an initiator of influential regional associations and an efficient mediator in international conflicts as well. The world community sees our country as a reliable and responsible partner. We have been entrusted to hold such large international events as OSCE Summit 2010, The Universiade 2017 and EXPO-2017. The election of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for 2017-2018 became a historic accomplishment.

  1. The main objectives of the Competition:
  1. enhance image attractiveness and recognition of Kazakhstan in the international arena;
  2. strengthen patriotism of Kazakhstan people;
  3. facilitate promotion of unique Kazakhstan tourism objects, attraction of foreign investments.


  1. Working bodies of the Competition


Organising Committee of the Competition (hereinafter – Organising Committee) is in charge of organizational issues of the Competition. Advisory Council will determine winner (s) of the Competition.

2.1.Organising Committee is formed from the number of the Founders and Organizer.

         Exclusive competence and objectives of the Organising Committee are general control over organization of the Competition, assistance in the work of Advisory Council, determination of format and time of choosing winner (s) of the Competition, holding a solemn ceremony after Competition results and information support of the Competition in media resources.

2.2.Organizer provides coordination and document management of Organising Committee, performs communication functions, carries out practical leadership and coordination on preparation and conduct of all events related to the Competition.   

Exclusive competence of Organizer includes:

  1. General support of Organising Committee’s activity;
  2. Solution of technical, organisational, financial and other issues within the Competition;
  3. Conclusion of cooperation agreements on behalf of the Organising Committee with third parties;
  4. Work activity management of Advisory Council;
  5. Cooperation with mass media;
  6. Formation of Competition database and archive;
  7. Engagement of partners. 

2.3.Advisory Council includes recognized experts in the field of information and communication technologies, marketing, PR and related fields, community leaders to ensure professional, objective and independent assessment of the work. Members of Advisory Council are approved by the joint Order of Minister of Information and Communication of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Exclusive competence of Advisory Council is to specify at expert vote stage the best work of Competition out of those revealed after online vote results. In the instance of partial compliance of submitted works to the set requirements, Advisory Council reserves the right to select two or more winners and use their work for the purpose of forming a single brand. 


  1. Requirements to the works


Individual and legal entities without restrictions on nationality can participate in the competition.

To participate in the competition on specification of the National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan, entrants are required to provide:

  1. Logo - a graphic mark (emblem, symbol), which will be used to increase awareness of Kazakhstan in the world arena. It should contain the brand name in the form of stylized letter and/or words. The logo should be submitted in the formats of jpeg, png, giff, the size must be 1000x1000 px.
  2. Slogan - an image-building motto, which briefly delivers a message, used in all types of advertising communication to attract the attention of the target audience, increase its loyalty to Kazakhstan brand and encourage tourism and investment attractiveness. The slogan should be easily readable, be original, raise interest and be presented in Kazakh, Russian and English languages.
  3. Concept of the National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan. It can be developed and presented in any form in Kazakh and Russian languages.

Concepts made in form of a brand book that includes examples of applying the brand on various promotional products (pens, key rings, badges, T-shirts, baseball caps and others), billboard layouts, advertising modules in print and electronic media, banners for websites, brochures, leaflets and other products as well, are welcome. The core idea of the work and explanation on the main messages of the slogan and logo should be provided in the concept.  



III. Procedure of voting for and determining the winner (s) of the Competition


  1. Voting procedure

1.1.Information on Competition and its results are published in mass media and official website of the Competition in a special section of the official website of Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter – Official website).

1.2. Submission to the Competition is done in electronic form by self-nomination on the Official website according to the application form.

1.3. Entrants of the Competition will be sent notifications via e-mail on acceptance of their applications.

1.4. All applications received from entrants of the Competition will be published on the Official website.

1.5. Brands, logos, slogans and patented marks published or used previously are not accepted for the Competition.

1.6. Submission deadline for works will be determined by Organising Committee.


2. First round: voting of Internet users

2.1. Organizer provides access to all Internet users to online voting for the most attractive work of the Competition.

2.2. Voting will be conducted within 15 (fifteen) calendar days from the date of publication. Votes received after the end of voting period will be considered void.

2.3. Voting will be made on the Official website through authentication via     e-mail address.

2.4. At least 5 (five) works with the largest number of votes on the Official website will be determined. 


3. Second round: work of Advisory Council and determination of winner(s)

3.1. Works of applicants with the largest number of votes will qualify for the second round and be introduced by the authors to Advisory Council in the format, date and venue specified by Organising Committee.

3.2. Presentation of works can be covered in mass-media, specified by Organising Committee.

3.3. Each member of Advisory Council evaluates works on a scale from 0 to 10 points. Points are awarded on each of the following parameters:





Originality and novelty



Ease of perception and memorability



Capture of country’s features (culture, traditions, industry, tourism, values)



Integrity of the image




Quality and aesthetics



Application of non-standard techniques and art materials



Durability of style






Presentation of the country’s commitment to the development and innovation



Orientation to both local and international audience






3.4. Advisory Council determines the winner (s) after evaluation of works by adding all points under assessment sheets.

3.5. Information about the winner (s) of the Competition and the final press-release of the Competition as well, are published on the Official website and in mass media.  


  1. Award ceremony


  1. The solemn ceremony is held during the special event organized by Organising Committee.
  2. Date, time and venue are to be determined by Organising Committee.
  3. Winner of the Competition is announced during the Ceremony.
  4. Entrants and winner (s) of the Competition are invited to the Ceremony to receive prizes.


  1. Prizes


1. The cash reward for a winner is 5 000 000 KZT.

2. If there is more than one winner, the prize fund will be divided equally among them.

3. Authors of works, who pass to the second round of the Competition will receive a cash prize in the amount of 200 000 KZT and Certificates of Competition Entrants.

4.  A certificate is made in the form of a diploma that contains full name, name of the work and information on the voting results.


VI. Particular conditions of the competition


  1. Organising Committee will develop a final model of the National brand of the Republic of Kazakhstan jointly with a professional studio on the base of winner’s work after competition results.
  2. An agreement on transfer of exclusive rights to use the name, slogan, logo emblem as a single model, all submitted graphic visual solutions as well, including the rights of public reproduction, copying and use of the brand name, logo and slogan is concluded with the winner (s) of the Competition.
  3. If none of the works meets the requirements of the Provisions or the number of submitted works will be insufficient, Competition may be extended.
  4. The Advisory Council reserves the right to refuse in choice of winner (s), if the works do not meet the requirements of the Provisions.


  1. Amendments of the Provisions


  1. The Provisions may be amended and supplemented by the joint decision of Ministry of Information and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan.